Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The end of writers' block and glimpse into Jim's creative process

The end of writers' block is an interesting process. It's starts usually as an errant idea or two that begin to come together in the dark recesses of my mind. An idea, which given time and attention, will hopefully grow into a concept, and hopefully then take larger form. Were I a more introspective and eloquent person, I would call the process organic. I would be wrong, as I apply a lot more structure to my process, but I at least would like to think that I allow my ideas to escape the boundaries of structure sometimes.

My process is probably not unlike most creative people's. Once I have a general grasp on what I want to accomplish, I begin by outlining the concept; just building the skeleton upon which the rest of the concept will form. The majority of my projects die at this phase. Often I can tell at this point whether or not the concept is going to go anywhere and if I should bother continuing. After that, I take a crack at the actual creation process.

This process can vary depending on the art that I am creating:

1. Were I writing something, I would at this point take the time to write a scene or a summary of a story, perhaps write some character study; really depending on the focus of the piece.

2. Were I composing music, I would have already have devised some chord structure or bass line (I tend to write on guitar as opposed to piano) and would be moving on to melody at this point.

3. In directing, this would be point within the rehearsal process that I would begin working with the actors on character. I would have already made my choices for the scene or the piece, and would now begin the collaboration process with the actor or flesh out the performance.

4. I would approach acting in a similar fashion. I would have, by now, had a decent grasp on the character I was playing by reading the script, perhaps waiting to go through blocking with the director (depending on his/her style), and beginning to think about the character's choices.

It is actually a very exciting time in the creative process, and one that I am glad to actually take a moment and record it here in the ether...

The problem in this case is that these errant ideas have coalesced into a few concepts, and I need time to organize them...

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