Friday, August 24, 2012

Job and Soul Searching

I hate money...

Mind you, I love the stuff that money can buy. I'm an American, after all; a mindless consumer. I am not afraid to admit it. But a part of me hates that fact, and it's that part that hates the fact that in order to live a somewhat comfortable life, one must have money and/or the means to acquire it.

I have been out of work for a few months now, and while unemployment has made it possible to pay the mortgage and other sundry bills, it is not enough. Therefore, I have spent the bulk of my time searching for a job. At first, I tried to find a job that suited my work experience: a job in the insurance industry. Then I realized just how much I don't want a job working for some huge, bloated corporation whose executives and stockholders care little for their employees' job satisfaction , and even less about their quality of life.

Recently I went back and tried my hand at my first love: Theatre. I was in a musical revue at a community theatre in Manchester. I have to say, it has been one of the more positive experiences in the past ten or so years. It got me thinking about my life and the direction that it is headed in. The fact is, I am 35 years old; my life is NOT over yet. I am not doomed to the banal existence that I have previously resigned myself to. To quote little John Connor from The Terminator: There is no fate but the one we make. I need to get on that train, and fast.

My only outlet, my only saving grace, the only thing that has kept me going these past few years, has been Elmwood Productions, a small production company that me and 3 of my very best friends on the earth created. We make goofy movies with Puppets, and it makes us happy. I need to find a way to get our stuff better promoted, because the world is really missing out on some incredible creativity. To be able to make money doing's our dream. One that it worth pursuing. Hell, since I got laid off from my previous job, if people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them that I am a writer and puppeteer. It's actually kind of liberating...


Null Returned said...

Maybe a more robust website could help, which could be liked with Facebook and Twitter for social broadcasts. It could also integrate the Blog into the site itself, so all traffic goes to a central location rather than all over the place. Then you can track search statistics and traffic overall.

Wordpress is a good, free vehicle to assist. And I could possibly lend some time to making it happen.

Elmwood Productions said...

"the only thing that has kept me going these past few years, has been Elmwood Productions"
Cuz as Morris says - That Shit Is Sick!