Monday, August 17, 2009

Self - Sufficiency...or lack thereof


I like to think of myself as a fairly self sufficient person. I cook for myself, clean for myself, do my own laundry, stuff like that. But then something happens that shows me just how ridiculously helpless in life I am.

My wife, Jaime, is going into work an hour early this week. Now usually, we carpool in together everyday (one of the myriad advantages of working at the same office). But, as she is going in a hour early, and I am not giving up an hour of sleep, she is driving in by herself this week. This, of course, throws off my entire morning routine, which is very important, considering that I am on Auto Pilot for about the first 1 1/2 of my day.

So this morning, I was quite impressed with myself when I got up on time, got dressed, remembered my lunch, and was at work in a reasonably punctual manner. And then I realized, I forgot to take my pills. Like so many other Americans, I am on a few medications for a couple of medical conditions that I am suffering from. Usually, Jaime gets downstairs first and lays the pills out for me with a glass of water. This morning, I didn't even check to see if she did that. Those pills could be sitting longingly on my kitchen island right now, next to an increasingly tepid glass of water, both waiting to be consumed, but to avail...

This got me thinking of the other stuff that I rely on my wife for. I seriously do not know how I would get my bills paid if it weren't for her. When we first moved in together, we had separate bills, but there were so few of them, it was fairly easy to keep track of. Once we got a joint checking account, though, I told her that from then on, she was in charge of finances, as she is much more responsible in that respect than I am.

Not that she doesn't rely on me for things. Hell, she would be eating Mac & Cheese and the house would look like her dorm room if I didn't cook and get her to help me clean up once in a while. Not to mention the fact that she would live in fear of every bug, animal, or strange noise she encountered if I wasn't there.

In the end, I am not complaining; not at all. I think that actually I am very fairly thankful to have her. And I would venture a guess that she doesn't mind having me...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ok, then...

So, people have indicated that they still check. Well, if that is so, I will post.

Life has been a little goofy lately. I have had some random health problems pop up all at once, all of which turned out to be a little benign but still inconvenient as hell. Money, as always is tight; it looks like Jaime and I won't be able to go to the Cape for vacation. I guess we'll have to try to make the best of the time at home. Work is a mess. I need to find a way to advance in my non insurance career plans. Elmwood is busy busy busy. I am editing every monday, shooting on some weekends, and writing in the evenings. I have quite a bit written, but none of it any good. It seems to be the only way to get over Writer's Block; just write whatever, even if it's crap, and hope the block will clear and let you get back to work.

The Summer has just flown by, with little oppurtunity to enjoy it. I am going to make a point of working as hard as possible to truly enjoy my Autumn this year. It is the time of year when I am at my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual best. I am looking forward to it.

So, until next rant...