Monday, April 13, 2009

Wow...So this band thing is really working out, huh?

The band is alot of fun! We had an awesome gig Friday Night @ Harbor Park. We did so well that they have booked us for another gig in May, and they want to us to play the 4th of July! This is a fairly big deal, with some good money coming in to boot! Now, add to that the other gigs that we have been hired for, and it stands to be a very busy spring and summer!

It was nice to be able to come into something that was already established and just pickup where the last guy left off. I have had the opportunity to talk to alot of people VERY familiar with the history of the band, and they have deemed me the band's best singer and the current incarnation the tightest and most talented of the lot. I have to admit that I get a little swelling of pride when I hear that, and I am really psyched that people are enjoying what we do.

Well, that's about it for today.


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Anonymous said...

Where's my Hat Trick euo-sticker?