Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Nope - Haven't seen it yet.

I have found myself completely unexcited about the prospect of a Watchmen movie since I first read the book many, many years ago. I feel there are somethings that shouldn't be made into film, and no matter how "good" they are, they seem somewhat cheapened by the prospect of transferring them to celluloid or, in this case, a digital medium.

I am certainly not being pretentious on this, please be assured. I am sure it is a fine film, and I am glad people have enjoyed or hated it. This is one of those moments on geekdom where we as "Genre Enthusiasts" (What a great euphemism, like calling a Garbage Man a "Sanitation Engineer...") can argue about something other that ridiculous minutiae and actually talk about what worked in the film and what didn't or, in my case, about why some of us are still not ramping up to see it.

I suppose that I WILL catch it eventually; I don't feel like Mark will allow me not to see it and, as a result, enter the verbal fray of varied opinions and such...

But for now, I am in the minority. I have not seen Watchmen yet, by choice. And I still have my geek card.


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It's 3 am and I can't sleep...

...I shouldn't have gone to bed at 9. I fell asleep in my chair, and I decided to be responsible and proactive, so I went to bed...It's what you're supposed to do when falling asleep at night. So I slept about 4 1/2 hours, and now I am awake. I have had some cold like symptoms that may either be an actual cold or a side effect to the new meds, who knows?

Anyway, life is looking up, I hope. Hat Trick's got a gig this month, and we're sounding good. Jon and I have begun working on the preliminaries of a project that I started writing late last year. I feel like I am finally getting out of my writing funk, and hope to get back on that horse pretty soon.

Generally, I am trying to have a positive outlook for this year. We'll see how I do...