Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Hate Fanboys

"George Lucas raped my childhood."

There are few words that boil my blood more. Ok, maybe "There was no Holocaust" or "Pepsi is better than Coke" are a bit more dire, but people who are seriously mad at Lucas for the prequels, or who bitch that Optimus Primewas adorned with flames in the movie just need to get off of it. I realized it a long time ago, and wrote a monologue about it. It was called I Hate Fanboys. I performed it in college, and it got some laughs. I later distilled it into an article for another blog. Again, more laughs.

This year, I read an article by Devin Faraci over @ CHUD.com (I prefer this site to AICN, mostly because Harry Knowles frightens me physically and socially.) call I am not a Fanboy!

The Link to it is below. It is quite long, but correct.




The Ringleader said...

When I was six, I was sexually assaulted by George Lucas. Thanks for bringing up the memories.

I'm Jon, just a guy. I try to smell good. said...

It's not rape when you drive to Lucasfilm, cover yourself in whipped cream and tell him to "Use The Force"...
Jeez man... I saw the video on X-Tube!