Wednesday, November 05, 2008

American Pride - What does it really mean???

One of the great things about living in this country is that we have the freedom to criticize it. We have the freedom to disagree with what our leaders say and what actions they take. And most importantly, we have the freedom to institute change when we disagree. There are those blind nationalists who would tell you that having pride in your country means accepting its faults and loving it anyway, simply because it’s America. I couldn’t disagree more. I would tell you that having pride in your country means loving your country for the freedoms it provides you and taking action to change it’s faults, to better it’s problems, and attempt to reverse its mistakes.

The presidential race this year was a showcase of that dichotomy; not of the two Americas, of Real America and somehow Less-Real America, as Sarah Palin would put it; but of two philosophies on how we as a People should view our country and the challenges we face. One side would tell you “Love it or Leave it” while the other side would say “Love it or Change it”.
Last night we as a People voted to change it. Last night we showed our American pride.

I am prouder than ever to be an American. And I am proud of my country.

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