Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Goodbye to a friend...

George Carlin died yesterday, and I have decided to say a few things.

I was one of those kids who grew up on those HBO Comedy specials. My favorites were Rodney Dangerfield specials, with 4 or 5 up and coming comedians and a few short sits by Rodney. Comedians like Sam Kinison, Dice, Jerry Seinfeld, and even Roseanne Barr were on. They were awesome. They taught me much of my filth.

The other favorites of mine were George Carlin's HBO specials. He did a total of 13 over a 20 year period. They were very smart, very introspective at a time where a kid wouldnt usually be looking at the world around him, and most of all, they were funny. He was a genius. I will miss him.

Thanks George. Thanks for helping to teach me not to let look at the world they way it wants me to, but instead the way I should...

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