Thursday, December 27, 2007

Getting geared up...

...for 2008!

2008 promises to be a banner freakin' year for Elmwood, and I, for one, am excited as hell!

The first quarter of 2008 looks to be jam -packed full of work.

Here is my list of stuff for the first quarter of 2008:
  1. Finish Betty and Me
  2. Finish the Simon Sinister Video
  3. Do a Rewrite and begin casting for Josh and Todd: A Man and his Puppet (Yes, it's gonna happen!!!)
  4. Finish writing the four Steve the Vampire scripts that I have half finished and begin arranging their filming and performance
  5. Rewrite of the fourth Steve the Vampire (The LARP episode) and planning of some Reshoots.
  6. Working with Bridgeport Public Schools in a community outreach program that Elmwood is involved in.
  7. Other Secret Projects that I could tell you about...but then I would have to kill you.

And that's just the stuff the I have to work on!!! I am sure that there another half dozen things that Jon and Russ have planned for me, as much as I am sure that there are things on my list that they hadn't though of.

It's gonna be a great year...Stay Tuned!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas is...

Over! Thank God!

I dunno, but I had a really hard time getting in the spirit this year. It's funny though, I seem not to be only one. Everyone I talk to seemed to have had a hard time getting into it this year.

I was curious what you people out there think...