Monday, October 16, 2006

This weekend, I was a paper doll

So, my wife and I went shopping this weekend.

It seems that whenever we find a place that has clothes in my size, Jaime decides it's time to play dress up Jim.

As a result, I have a BUNCH of new clothes. I mean, alot.

Saw The Departed on Saturday with Jaime, Jonnie B and the Nice Lady. I have haven't see that many shots to the head since Bukkake Marathon 2004!


1 comment:

Jon Bristol, Elmwood: A State of Mind said...

Can't wait to see the new clothes... Do you dress like the Village People now? That would be sexy!
Way more head shots than even Hoffa. Dicaprio deserves an Oscar nom for this one.
Nice Lady? Very Nice Lady!
So is that Evil Jim's approval? I guess I'll be keeping her around!