Monday, October 09, 2006

This ain't Rock N' Roll!!! This is...Genocide!!

The Plague slowly lifts from my body, and I begin to feel as myself again. But not quite.

Events in life and in my mind have caused me to observe my life as an outsider. And such observation caused an epiphany, to say the least.

Changes are soon to come, changes that will mean little to most, but alot to a few.

Fear not, for no harm will come to anyone, especially myself.

It's just that the time has come for me to love myself again. I forget this sometimes, and in my quest to please others, I neglect myself.

No longer. My mind, body, and soul have suffered long enough.

I love you all. Know this fact and know that it will never change. I will continue loving you. I will just begin to love myself again.

I am not going anywhere, although you may see more or less of me, depending on who you are. Please know that nothing you may or may have not done has caused me to make these decisions. This entire tirade and the decisions that preceded it are due to what I have and haven't done.

If you are my friends, you will understand...If you don't understand, then I am sorry to see you go. I wish we could have made it work.


Triumph said...

I understand. I understand that you are someone to poop on!

Confucius said...

You are a smart man.

Jon Bristol, Elmwood: A State of Mind said...

Good to see you last nite bro!
You're looking and sounding better!