Monday, September 25, 2006

Wehrle-Bird, Winning Puppets, Tricky Rock and the Trickette and other post dinner observations, basically, yesterday...


To recap the day.

Got up yesterday morning at 10 after going to bed at 4AM. I really need to review my hobbies and see if it is necessary to be out all night. Showered, shaved, etc. Headed to Lyman Orchards with the wife, Russ and Liz. After nailing down directions, we got there, shopped for a few minutes, we attacked by bees wanting my cider, and proceeded to leave.

Headed to the puppet house. It wasn't what I expected, although I don't know why. Everything made perfect sense. The place was old, the puppets older, and the people...well, let's just say that we definately are the future, cuz the past ain't living much longer. We proceeded to sign the log book, where I made every Elmwood member put Elmwood Productions after their name, cuz I'm obnoxius like that. We then proceeded to watch stuff.

Needless to say, we won puppets. I think one of the ladies, in complementing Jon, made a crack that the puppet wasn't a great puppet but that didn't stop it from being brought to life. I had to call BS on that. I am sure Jon wasn’t offended, but I was a little. I think our puppets look great, and that the focus of our puppet work doesn’t require life like, Bill Cosby puppets that, while they look realistic, are less able to project facial expression, etc. We like exaggerated features and exaggerated ideas. That’s how we roll, it’s too bad she missed that. Anyway, F her, we won the day!

Went to dinner afterwards, and that was an adventure of it’s own. Michelle tried to call the Chowder Pot and ask for a reservation, or a call ahead, as we were to have 6 to 8 people coming. She was told it wasn’t necessary, as there was no wait. We waited, awhile, almost a half hour. We blame Gabe. Damn you Gabe, Damn you to hell. We all sat down to dinner, ate too much, and really enjoyed our company. Every day, Elmwood Productions is feeling less like Jon’s sole endeavor and more like an extended family. I will leave the dinner and discussions vague, as this post is far too long, but we had a very nice long discussion with Tricky and Michelle. I think she finally may like me…no probably not J

Drove home to Billy Idol, and got home at 8, I was asleep by 8:30. My wife was not amused; I think we had stuff to do around the house. Oh well…

Sorry for the length, but this is what I do at work…


Anonymous said...

Jim...I have said it a million times...I like you only because you're married to Jaime and she's cool. How you ever landed a girl like her is beyond me but by default you're in my "liked" group. I'm sure you're ok with that since normally my "liked" group is in a deficit. (is that even possible?)'re cool too sometimes...that's as far as I can go since I have no feelins!!!
The better 1/2 of Tricky

Anonymous said...

And I do agree (Jim and I agree on something...someone mark it on a calendar). ELMWOOD WON PUPPETS! The Puppet House was R O C K E D ! And it was Elmwoodproductions that brought it on!

Jon Bristol, Elmwood: A State of Mind said...

When the woman said the puppets we're so good, she was talking about the Rag Show, not us. For a moment she though that was us too, then later she came by and said she didn't realize it, and she LOVED Stave and want s to see it in person!

We won, yes.
We are a family. A family where Daddy keeps secrets!

Jon Bristol, Elmwood: A State of Mind said...

I'd like to know more about the dinner conversation, you filthy tease!